Dreamcloud Mattress Uk: The Most Comfortable Mattress in 2023?

Dreamcloud Mattress Uk

DreamCloud sells a variety of sleep items, including bases, cushions, bed linens, and more. The business sells 2 other beds in addition to the DreamCloud Mattress– the DreamCloud Premier Mattress and also DreamCloud Premier Relax. This hybrid design uses memory foam, polyfoam, and took coils. While the DreamCloud Mattress is a deluxe model with high quality products, it is available in at a lower price than a lot of luxury hybrids. Dreamcloud Mattress Uk

The DreamCloud has a medium firm really feel, rating around 6 on the 10-point suppleness range. This is within the range most sleepers have a tendency to choose, yet it gets on the stronger end of that variety.

Gauging 14 inches thick, the DreamCloud is a high-profile version, so it might need sheets with much deeper pockets than standard. People who struggle to get into or out of a reduced bed may benefit from this additional thickness. Due to its elevation, the DreamCloud likewise has a thicker comfort system as well as support layer, providing it a solid blend of contouring and support.

We’ll talk about the DreamCloud Mattress’s construction, sizing, prices, performance, plans, as well as even more to assist you determine if the bed is right for you.


Dreamcloud Video Review

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Mattress Performance

Motion Isolation

The DreamCloud’s quilted cover and also numerous layers of memory foam soak up an affordable amount of activity, avoiding its spread throughout the rest surface area. This might help in reducing rest disturbances when one partner changes position or stands up during the evening.

While both memory foam layers aid separate movement, the coil layer has a bouncier feeling, which can add to some motion transfer. The coils are pocketed to help in reducing the spread of this motion, but they will not be able to take in all of it. This level of movement isolation resembles, otherwise better than, most other hybrid versions.

Pressure Relief

The DreamCloud’s medium firm feel and layers of memory foam give it a balance of contouring and support.

Stress is relieved by the two memory foam layers shaping to the sleeper’s body and expanding their body weight. This can minimize pains as well as discomforts near a sleeper’s hips and shoulders.

While memory foam is frequently related to a close hug, the DreamCloud has a somewhat stronger feel than numerous designs. This eases stress while creating a drifting experience more akin to resting “on” the bed than “in” the bed.

This stress relief puts the DreamCloud Mattress on the same level with many hybrid designs, which have a tendency to perform well in this group.

Temperature Control

The DreamCloud supplies solid temperature level guideline that may help those that often tend to sleep hot preserve a more comfy temperature.

The DreamCloud’s cover uses cashmere, which can wick away excessive heat to maintain the sleeper cool and comfortable. Cashmere’s thermoregulating buildings also reach wintertime, when it can assist keep the sleeper warmer.

A layer of gel-infused memory foam assists cool down the surface area of the mattress. Additionally, air can flow with the mattress’s coil core so that warm can spread.

Edge Support

The DreamCloud’s edge is not enhanced as long as some hybrid models, but it’s still helpful enough to enable most individuals to make use of the full surface of the mattress.

The thick coil layer as well as medium firm setting provide the perimeter of the DreamCloud Mattress a strong feeling. A double�’row edge of higher scale coils additionally strengthens the edge. When resting near the edge of the bed, a lot of individuals are not likely to experience considerable sinkage. This might make them more comfortable using the complete mattress surface area without the worry they might roll off. Similarly, the perimeter is safe and secure enough to permit most individuals to sit conveniently on the brink, which may make it much easier to enter into as well as out of bed.

While the DreamCloud’s edge is likely to really feel stable sufficient to the majority of sleepers, some individuals might find it much less supportive. This is specifically real for people that weigh over 230 extra pounds.

Ease of Movement

A lot of sleepers must locate it simple to turn on or cross the surface of the DreamCloud Mattress. This ease of activity is similar to lots of hybrid versions because they utilize a combination of materials that often tend to balance contouring and bounce.

The DreamCloud accomplishes this equilibrium with a foam comfort system and also a coil core. Memory foam has a reputation for hugging very closely to the sleeper’s body and also responding slowly to changes in stress, so some mattresses that make use of memory foam are more difficult to move across. Nevertheless, the DreamCloud has a medium firm feel, so the comfort system contours without as much hug. This makes it simpler to move on the DreamCloud Mattress than lots of versions with thick memory foam comfort systems.

The coil layer additionally offers bounce and also support, adding to the simplicity of movement.


Numerous couples discover bounce advantageous for sex, as well as the DreamCloud’s significant coil layer gives it plenty of bounce. This may make the DreamCloud much better for sex than some hybrid models on the market.

The DreamCloud’s memory foam comfort layers adhere carefully sufficient to the body to offer some traction, yet they do not have sufficient hug to limit movement considerably. The DreamCloud is additionally relatively peaceful, permitting a much more very discreet sexual experience.


Like a lot of brand-new mattresses, the DreamCloud Mattress might produce an initial odor when initially unboxed.

Artificial foams are particularly vulnerable to off-gassing odors due to unpredictable natural substances (VOCs) from the manufacturing process. When a mattress ships compressed, the VOCs don’t have an opportunity to dissipate up until the mattress is unpacked. These odors are normally ruled out hazardous.

If the mattress is left in a well-ventilated space, off-gassing smells normally dissipate reasonably swiftly. Sleepers can air out their new mattress prior to utilizing it to lower these scents. This procedure typically takes in between a couple of hours and a couple of days.

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Sleeping Style and Body Weight

Two aspects that can substantially influence how a mattress carries out are resting position and also body weight. The DreamCloud has a flexible feeling that works for a variety of sleepers, making it appropriate for pairs with various body sizes and means of resting.

Side Sleepers:

The DreamCloud’s memory foam comfort layers can give light contouring as well as good support for most side sleepers.

The DreamCloud’s medium firm feel has less offer than lots of mattresses with memory foam comfort layers. This means that a side sleeper’s shoulders and also hips won’t sink in as deeply as they would certainly on a lot of softer designs. Side sleepers ought to still experience some nestling and pressure relief however with a more encouraging feel.

Side sleepers over 130 extra pounds are likely to experience an excellent equilibrium between contouring as well as support, particularly if they take pleasure in a rather firmer feel. Side sleepers under 130 pounds might not sink in deeply sufficient to enjoy as much cradling and also stress relief.

Back Sleepers:

The DreamCloud’s medium firm feel and also thick coil core will not enable most back sleepers to sink in as well deply. This can offer the even support back sleepers need for appropriate spine placement.

Back sleepers of all body types are likely to experience adequate support to maintain their spinal columns well straightened with marginal sagging or sinkage.

Stomach Sleepers:

The DreamCloud’s steady support can stop a stomach sleeper’s waistline from sinking in too deeply, helping sleepers throughout all weight teams maintain better spinal placement.

The DreamCloud’s memory foam comfort layers contour to the sleeper, however the medium firm feel supplies substantial pushback around the stomach. This provides the mattress an extra supportive feel than normal designs with memory foam comfort layers, advertising proper back placement.

Stomach sleepers of all sizes are most likely to locate the DreamCloud Mattress adequately helpful to lower spinal pressure from too much sinkage.

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DreamCloud Mattress Review Breakdown

Dreamcloud Mattress Uk


The DreamCloud is a hybrid version, incorporating memory foam, conventional foam, and springs.

A cover with polyfoam quilted right into it cushions the surface of the mattress. This layer makes use of a cashmere blend cover that gives the topper a softer feeling while enabling air movement. Next, a layer of gel-infused memory foam is crafted to soothe pressure points while not capturing a lots of body heat.

Polyfoam is made use of in the transition layer to offer much deeper contouring while stopping the sleeper from sinking in versus the coil core. A final base layer of traditional foam supports the coil system.


Mattress Prices and Sizing

Sizes Dimensions Height Weight Price
Twin 38″ x 75″ 14″ 63 lbs. $799
Twin XL 38″ x 80″ 14″ 66 lbs. $999
Full 54″ x 75″ 14″ 84 lbs. $1,099
Queen 60″ x 80″ 14″ 97 lbs. $1,199
King 76″ x 80″ 14″ 120 lbs. $1,499
California King 72″ x 84″ 14″ 119 lbs. $1,499

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Trial, Warranty, and Shipping Policies


The DreamCloud Mattress is offered via the DreamCloud site and also Amazon.com. Orders via the DreamCloud site ship within the United States.


The DreamCloud Mattress ships complimentary within the adjoining USA. Deliveries to Alaska as well as Hawaii will sustain a $150 delivery cost.

Mattresses generally deliver within a couple of organization days. They are rolled, vacuum-sealed, and delivered in a box via FedEx. With basic distribution, the purchaser is in charge of relocating the mattress to the area of their option, unloading it, and setting it up.

Additional Services

DreamCloud offers White Handwear cover Solution for an extra $149 cost. This includes brand-new mattress setup as well as the alternative of old mattress elimination. In most states, an extra $20 mattress elimination charge will likewise make an application for this solution.

Sleep Trial

The DreamCloud Mattress has a 365-night test. DreamCloud will certainly function with the consumer to set up for the mattress to be donated or disposed of.


The DreamCloud Mattress comes with a lifetime guarantee. The initial owner of the mattress is qualified for this warranty if they acquire their mattress through a licensed vendor.

For the first one decade of the service warranty duration, DreamCloud uses to replace mattresses it figures out to have a covered issue. After ten years, DreamCloud may choose to fix or replace the mattress. The customer will be in charge of transport costs, which will be waived if DreamCloud verifies there is a certifying flaw. Dreamcloud Mattress Uk

Added terms and conditions apply.

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