How To Dispose Of A Mattress In Austin

If you are looking how to dispose of a mattress in Austin, you have several options at your disposal.

Instead of simply tossing it in the trash, you can choose to donate it, recycle it, or even repurpose it for a new use.

These alternatives may require more effort and potentially some cost, but they can save you time and hassle in the long run.

Plus, they’re often more environmentally-friendly than throwing your mattress away.

How To Dispose Of A Mattress In Austin

Here are 10 ways to get rid of your old mattress if you live in Austin:

Schedule A Pickup With LoadUp

how to dispose of mattress austin

Scheduling a mattress pickup from LoadUp is a convenient and hassle-free way to dispose of your old mattress.

LoadUp is a company that offers on-demand pickup and removal of large and bulky items, such as mattresses, furniture, and appliances.

To schedule a mattress pickup from LoadUp, simply go to their website and enter your zip code to find available services in your area.

Then, select the option for mattress pickup and provide details about your mattress, such as its size and condition.

You can also schedule a specific date and time for pickup and choose to have your mattress recycled or donated to a charity.

Once your pickup is scheduled, a LoadUp team member will come to your location at the designated time to remove your mattress and dispose of it in an environmentally-friendly manner.

By scheduling a mattress pickup from LoadUp, you can easily and efficiently dispose of your old mattress without the hassle of doing it yourself.

Salvation Army

One option for getting rid of your gently used and less than 5 years old mattress in Austin is to schedule a pickup with The Salvation Army.(1)

They have dedicated trucks that can remove your mattress and box spring (on select days) and take it to a Family Store.

You can schedule a pickup online or by calling 512–416–0607.

Donating your mattress to The Salvation Army has several benefits, including:

  • It is tax-deductible.
  • You receive a free pickup and do not have to haul the mattress yourself.
  • You’ll be helping another family in need by providing them with a comfortable place to sleep.

Bulk Trash Pickup

In Austin, bulk trash collection occurs twice a year.

To participate, simply put your items on the curb by 5:30 am on the first day of your designated collection week.

Keep in mind that if you are unable to schedule the arrival of your new mattress to coincide with a bulk collection week, you may need to keep your old one for several months.


To sell your mattress on Craigslist, you need to make sure that it is clean, in good condition, and that you set a reasonable price.

Be prepared to negotiate with potential buyers who may offer less than your asking price.

Clearly state your terms of sale in your listing, including how much room for negotiation is available and when payment must be made before delivery.

Include the size of the mattress and any positive features, such as coming from a smoke- or pet-free home.

As a pro tip, consider posting your listing on a Friday afternoon or evening, when people are typically planning their weekend activities.

Donate To Charity

Donating a mattress to charity is a great way to dispose of it in an environmentally-friendly and socially responsible manner.

Many charitable organizations, such as homeless shelters, domestic violence shelters, and disaster relief organizations, are in need of good quality mattresses to provide comfortable and safe sleeping arrangements for those in need.

When donating a mattress, be sure to clean it thoroughly and check with the charity to see if they have any specific requirements or preferences.

It may also be a good idea to check with the charity beforehand to confirm that they can accept mattress donations and to arrange for pickup or delivery.

By donating your old mattress to a worthy cause, you can help those in need while also avoiding the hassle and potential cost of disposing of it on your own.

Facebook Marketplace

Selling your mattress on Facebook Marketplace is a convenient and cost-effective way to dispose of it.

Facebook Marketplace is a platform where people can buy and sell items in their local area.

To sell your mattress on Facebook Marketplace, simply create a listing and include detailed information about the mattress, such as its size, condition, and any special features.

You can also add photos to help potential buyers get a better idea of what your mattress looks like. Be sure to set a competitive price that reflects the condition of your mattress.

Once your listing is live, interested buyers will be able to contact you through Facebook to discuss the details of the sale.

By selling your mattress on Facebook Marketplace, you can quickly and easily find a buyer and dispose of your old mattress in a way that benefits both you and the buyer.

Garage Sale

Selling your mattress at a garage sale is a great way to dispose of it and potentially earn some extra money at the same time.

A garage sale, also known as a yard sale or rummage sale, is a type of sale where people sell items from their home or garage.

To sell your mattress at a garage sale, first clean it thoroughly and assess its condition.

Consider setting a fair price that reflects its condition and any special features.

Then, advertise your garage sale in your local area, either through signs, flyers, or online listings.

Slap A Free Sign On It

This almost always works.

Placing a free sign on your mattress and leaving it on the curb is a quick and easy way to dispose of it.

This method is especially useful if your mattress is in poor condition or if you are unable to transport it to a donation center or other location.

Drop Off At Austin Landfill

If you are in Austin, Texas and are looking to dispose of your old, damaged, or bed bug-infested mattress and box spring, there are several landfills that will accept them.

The three Austin landfills that are open to the public and accept mattresses and box springs are:

Texas Disposal Systems (TDS)
3016 FM1327, Creedmoor, TX 78610

Travis County Landfill
9600 FM812, Austin, TX 78719

Austin Community Landfill
9900 Giles Ln, Austin, TX 78754

TDS has been recognized as one of the best landfills in America for their environmental protections.

It is recommended to call the landfill before disposing of your mattress and box spring to ask about their current acceptance policies and rates.

Landfills may have different policies and fees for disposing of mattresses, such as charging a flat fee or basing the fee on weight or load.

Some landfills may also have additional requirements for dropping off a mattress, such as wearing special safety gear.

When calling the landfill, be sure to ask about the days and times they accept mattress drop-offs, the cost of disposal, and any other requirements.

DIY Project With Your Old Mattress

DIY projects using old mattresses can be a fun and eco-friendly way to repurpose your old mattress, instead of throwing them away.

One popular project is to cut the mattress into smaller pieces and use the foam and springs for a variety of creative projects.

For example, the foam can be used to make cushions, pet beds, or padding for furniture.

The springs can be used in garden trellises or to make a unique piece of wall art.

Another idea is to use the entire mattress as a base for a raised garden bed or as a play area for children.

With a little imagination, old mattresses can be transformed into something useful and unique.

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